IMPORTANT NOTE – Please consult all details about available activities.

Truly all-inclusive

A proven concept for over 35 years, Jouvence’s all-inclusive option provides families with a worry-free experience. Our rates include three meals a day, as well as access to outdoor activities and equipment. We take care of everything! Jouvence was one of the first to develop the family vacation in Quebec, and has created just the right blend of authenticity, hospitality, and comfort to let guests enjoy life at their own pace. Everyone is different; some seek quiet family time, while others want something out of the ordinary. Each guest is free to choose from the wide range of activities, facilities, and recreational equipment at Jouvence, to enjoy a memorable vacation in exceptional surroundings. Organize a spur-of-the-moment hockey game on the rink in the winter or a kayak race in the summer! One thing’s for certain, whatever your idea of a perfect day, you’ll experience it at Jouvence, season after season.

Specific details on our peak season concept

Three Club Jouvence Formula periods not to be missed:

  • The holiday season
  • Spring break
  • Summer (early July to mid-August)

Jouvence offers special programs for these periods, with organized activity sessions for all ages! For each period, we propose a new theme to add to the magic. The site is decorated to reflect the theme, and the counsellors create stories and characters to provide you with an unparalleled experience.


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