Jouvence Fort is without any doubt themost animed activity offered by our animationteam. We have adapted the activity so you can animate it yourself, with your kids at home. It is a series ofchallengesyou can dosolo or in a team, outdoors or indoors. Guaranteed fun, whatever your age!

Challenge 1 – Sensations Box


  • 2 boxes containing 7 identical objects each.
  • These boxes must have a hole big enough to insert your hand and arm.


  • Place 2 participants a few metres away from one box each.
  • At GO, the animator describes a first objectwithout saying its specific name, and the two participants reach for the appropriate object in the box.
  • The first participant who takes out the correct object from the box, wins the point.
  • The participant who finds to greatest number of objects, is the winner!

Boites sensations

Challenge 2 – Mishmash of Words

Materials: 1 dictionary or a wacky words list.


  • The animator picks 3 words randomly in the dictionary (age appropriate).
  • Each participant must say a sentence, a story or a song including the 3 words.
  • The animator judges the originality of each compositionand chooses a winner.


Challenge 3 – The Clock


  • 1 clock drawn on a piece of carboard or on an old plank.
  • 12 sticks (like popsicle sticks) labelled with the numbers 1 to 12.
  • 2 wood skewers.


  • Place the clock on one end of your yard (or room), and the sticks and skewerson the other.
  • The participants must carry a popsicle stick using the skewers,and place it in the correct position (number) on the clock, as per the designated time given by the animator as per usual needle position).
  • To carry the sticks, position the skewers side by side, horizontally and in parallel, and balance the stick as it rests perpendicularly on the skewers.
  • For each stickpositioned in the right place on the clock, the participant earns a point!


Challenge 4 – The Bomb


  • 1 balloon (inflated).
  • 1 basket OR pail.
  • 2 chopsticks OR tree branches OR wood sticks.


  • Carry the balloon (bomb) over the basket with the sticks. For a more difficult challenge, balance the balloon ON the sticks.
  • Place the bomb in the basket without touching it with your hands.
  • The quickest participant to deactivate the bomb, and who drops it the least often, wins!


Test 5 – Crazy Race


  • 1 broom OR 1 mop.
  • 1 cone.


  • This is a timed race! Each participant must run a course around a cone, with a broom between his/her legs. The distance of the course and position of the cone are determined by the animator.
  • The fastest participant wins.
  • For a bigger challenge, the participant must run hands in the air or in their pockets.

Course folle


Place thematerials for each challenge in a different location creatinga circuit (for example: in different rooms of your home, in different cornerof your backyard, etc.). You can also do all the challenges in the same location!