We are celebrating our 50th anniversary! Our social economy enterprise has honored its mission since 1970. Jouvence offers to little ones as well as grown-ups all-inclusive stays and happiness in the natural venue of the Parc national du Mont-Orford.


A beer can just like Jouvence

To celebrate, our team along with our graphic designer Carine Lachance, have developed a beer can design just like Jouvence. We can say that she knows Jouvence very well as the team approved the can’s visual unanimously! It depicts the beautiful Stukely lake, tapin’s island as well as the Pic de l’Ours. The beer was brewed by a local microbrewery Farnham Ale & Lager. It tastes light and refreshing!


« To me, in order to highlight Jouvence’s 50th anniversary, it was essential to show this emblematic scene with a vintage twist. » – Carine Lachance, graphic designer

Bière Jouvence 50 ans

And we have a matching beer glass!

Berre à bière Jouvence

At the moment, you can get a hold of the beer can with Jouvence’s image on your next all-inclusive stay at le Centre de Villégiature and at La Petite Auberge de Jouvence. On this occasion, we host a unique event including:

  • Beer tasting (obviously!);
  • A limited edition of the beer glass;
  • Live music during the 4-course dinner.

Discover more about the offer 50 ans, ça se fête