Scouts and cadets

With the scouts and cadets

Gather your troops at Jouvence!

Our D’Jouv pavilions provide the facilities to organize your next scout or cadet gathering. A unique and private place where you will surely eat well, sleep well, and especially have some fun.

A host of activities and equipment will be made available to you so you can have an amazing time and excel. Jouvence’s counsellors* may join your group if you so wish. Experience a magical time around a campfire, in a boat on the water, or hiking through the snowy forest!

Our attentive staff will guide you through the site and provide advice for setting up your camp. The cubs, scouts, and cadets will surely enjoy the large cabins. The spacious rooms will be perfect to get groups together, and the large living room can accommodate the whole pack or squad!

*Additional fees for counsellors.

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