As everywhere else, some basic rules apply to D’Jouv. Without being too restrictive, the respect of these rules is essential to the good course of any stay in D’Jouv.

  1. Jouvence is located in Mont-Orford National Park, so national park laws are applicable and enforced. On that point, it is forbidden to:

      • kill, capture, injure, molest, harass, feed or tame an animal;
      • dispose of waste elsewhere than in the containers provided for that purpose or burn garbage in the campfire;
      • to cut down, damage, remove or introduce a tree, shrub or herbaceous plant or part thereof
      • to collect dead wood;
      • to leave behind dishes or food
  2. Domestic animals are prohibited in all national parks as well as in D’Jouv.
  3. It is forbidden to make a campfire in a place other than a place authorized and provided for this purpose.
  4. Respect for self and others is required throughout the stay.
  5. Curfew hours in effect must be respected.
  6. It is forbidden to alter, damage or destroy buildings, furniture and equipment.
  7. Recycling and composting of everything that can be recycled or composted is mandatory.
  8. Food waste will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  9. Failure to comply with one or more of these rules could lead to the immediate expulsion of the concerned participant(s) at the expense of the organizer.


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