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Year-round outdoor fun and discoveries!

Jouvence has acquired a solid reputation and strong expertise in educational outings in nature. Through its different programs, Jouvence fosters the discovery of nature and learning about sustainable development concepts. Providing young people with the opportunity to question themselves, interact, and join in the experience of discovery and the creation of sustainable solutions is part of our commitment towards nature and today’s youth.

Through its extensive and flexible education program, Jouvence provides unparalleled educational outings in nature. With extensive experience in hosting and accompanying the public for over 40 years, we offer the school sector activities, workshops, and projects that correspond perfectly with today’s new pedagogical orientations.

At Jouvence, we don’t teach, we guide; stimulate questioning, and then find answers together. Participants develop a number of skills through a wide range of sports and social activities as well as diverse workshops. In order to simplify your stay, we offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals, and guided outdoor activities.

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