Celebrations and reunions

Christmas dinner

Jouvence invites you to celebrate the holiday season among colleagues, friends, or family members in a magnificent setting where outdoor activities and gourmet dinners are on the schedule.

Celebrations, reunions, and special events

See you at Jouvence!

For many people, this has become a familiar refrain. Celebrations, reunions and even get-togethers among friends: we’ve lost track of all the occasions for which we’ve organized special stays at Jouvence. Our whole team of consultants, chefs, counsellors, and innkeepers recall the happiness, smiles, and satisfaction of the groups we have welcomed.

Adding a twist to the festivities

There’s no doubt that as a gigantic recreational area, Jouvence is unique. In this unique environment, you can enjoy extraordinary activities. Consider this: a large-scale family game, an excursion on Mount Chauve, climbing our natural rock wall, sliding together, dancing, or gazing at the stars… such an experience can give your celebration a special twist. 

Many call us organizational experts, which is true enough. We provide the services of a consultant to help plan the event you’re dreaming of, and to devise surprising aspects, develop the program, and determine key moments.

The Centre de Villégiature, the Petite Auberge and D’Jouv, offer various types of accommodations and packages to meet your needs. Our experienced team has the skills to guide you through the organization of your event.

Prom night

Jouvence proposes a customized package to highlight this end of a great adventure in a memorable fashion. You can organize the prom night everyone has been daydreaming of, here at Jouvence, in an enchanting setting.

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