Animation – Spring Break – Formula Club 2024


Willie’s last fight at Jouvence

Hard-bitten Willie, retired from international boxing, wanders past the abandoned beehive of his lost love. Given the coveted estate with its magnificent view of the lake, the bear and his faithful water carrier Yvan make sure no one moves into what could have been Willie’s dream home. But now, a new character, Gourgane the wasp, is intruding on his territory and trying to take his most prized possession. Ready to step into the ring, the rival throws down a final challenge to the Bear: hand over those boxing gloves for one last fight. Here. In Jouvence. Will the duo be ready for the next round?


To make the most of your outdoor vacation, we suggest you bring :

  • Warm clothing suitable for outdoor activities;
  • Identified skates, helmets and field hockey sticks;
  • Shoes for indoor activities and meals;
  • Bathing suit, bathrobe and sandals if you wish to use the spa and sauna (adults only).



Finally, to speed up the registration process, please register your children prior to your arrival (form available in French only) :




A full schedule of activities will be available on site.