Around the World in 5 days… and a half, at Jouvence

Summer Club Formula – July 2 to August 19, 2021


The Club Formula

During the peak seasons – the holiday season, spring break, and summer vacation – Jouvence offers special programs, with animed family activities!

For each season, we propose a new theme adding to the magic. The site is decorated reflecting the theme, and the counsellors create stories and characters to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Each day features family activities for everyone.

Theme for Summer 2021

Logo Formule Club été 2021

In a World ruled by an Engineering Center, 5 countries live by their own energy. Some run on honeybees, others try to tame the wind and others, more extroverted, run on likes…

Pays Formule Club été 2021

Together, they form a gearing system that makes the world go round! Unfortunately, the Chief Engineer, the Master of the World, keeps disappearing… He has to be replaced by the best student in the Engineering school.

But in that World, nothing is quite so simple. The judge of Time, Mr. TicTac, is a competition fanatic and is always in a rush to create grandiose events with almost no resources. That’s when he provokes, in spite of himself, the greatest event ever known.

Two first class pilot aboard their flying machines, will compete in a frantic race around the world! Come and see for yourself! You will witness the most incredible and epic adventure!

The setting

As usual, we have planned a grandiose decor that will allow you to dive into the theme head first. It is more than 15 feet high (really!). Every year, we reuse existing materials at our disposal to build it. This year is no exception. Last year’s base has been repainted. Bicycle wheels and fans have been given a second life, and are the perfect additions to the already grand decor.

Décor Formule Club Jouvence

The much anticipated daily shows will take place on the balcony of the Coup-de-Vent. Incredible stories featuring colourful characters await our guests!

Spectable Jouvence Formule Club

We wish you a great summer and memorable moments with your family!


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