Inspired by the values of a social economy and convinced that we must take care of the environment and the people around us, Jouvence invested in 2011 in developing a sustainable development plan. Following an exhaustive analysis of the situation and a focus on certain improvements, Jouvence started taking concrete, innovative actions within a realistic and logical timeframe to contribute to environmental protection and the economic and social aspects of sustainable development. Jouvence would like to become a model for the tourism industry. To achieve this, 50 measures to make our products and services more sustainable have been identified.

Jouvence is therefore committed to implementing the following, among other measures:

  • Creating sustainable purchasing policies;
  • Revegetating the lakeshore and other waterways on its property;
  • Composting all organic materials;
  • Respecting the support capacity of the site;
  • Incorporating home automation into our infrastructure upgrade;
  • Implementing a carpool system for its employees;
  • Developing a knowledge retention plan; and
  • Fostering job creation.

By introducing these changes, Jouvence aims to set an example. And by committing to this plan, we know we will be able to continue providing incomparable products and services to our clients – while helping the planet.